How To Choose A Good Saddle – In Depth Video Series

I have have spent years riding horses and have owned a few saddles during that time. The main question for many riders looking to buy new or replace their saddle is how to chose a good saddle.

What kind of saddle would be best for me and my horse? They become confused by the advice of friends and advertising and don’t know where to start.

Having been the owner of several saddles in my lifetime let me give you some points to think about.

What To Consider When Looking For A Saddle

  • Do you have more than one horse that you ride with the same saddle or will that one horse be the only one you will ride with the saddle you buy?
  • Do you know what size seat you need? What to look for in a perfect fit.
  • What kind of riding are you doing? All Around Performance, Pleasure, Trail Riding, Barrel Racing, Ranch Cutting? Your saddle should be designed for your event.
  • What size Gullet do you need for your horse?
  • Tips and tricks to make your saddle fit your horse better
  • Does your saddle tree fit your horse properly?
  • Pros and cons of saddle pads and cinches.
  • Discuss various types of saddles
  • Dry spots on your horses back. Why they are there?

I have heard many people say that the blanket or gel pads will make your saddle fit better. Not so! Blankets and pads can only make a bad fitting saddle more uncomfortable for both you and your horse.

I could go on and on but decided to scour the internet and I found the best video I could find on fitting your Western saddle.  Larry Trocha from answers about every question you could think to ask. Its 3 videos separately and a bit long so pick a time and listen to it all.  You won’t regret it and your horse will be happy. Your horse can’t tell you…. so get educated.

Part 1 Of How To Choose A Saddle

Part 2 Of How To Choose A Saddle

Part 3 Of How To Choose A Saddle

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