What Color Saddle Pad Looks Best on My Horse?

What Color Saddle Pad Looks Best On My Horse

One common question I always get asked when tacking up with my barn buddies is “Does this color look good on my horse?” Now, I do not think horses necessarily look bad in specific colors, but there is usually a specific color that looks best on each colored horse. So, what color saddle pad looks best on my horse?

Fashion sense in the equestrian world is more common than we may think. Whether it is choosing which color breeches work best with our polos or matching our saddle pads to our ear bonnets, we’re always looking to look good!


Grey horses can be slightly strange to find colors for, as they do not have a predominant color. Depending on whether they are flea-bitten, dappled, or perfectly pristine white can all have an effect on what color looks good on them! Good news for grey owners: no color looks bad on grey horses! However, if you are looking to pop in that arena, look into the following colors for your horse


Palomino’s tend to be trickier than some since the color mostly depends on the undertone of the saddle pad. Since most palominos have a warmer undertone to them, you will want to find a warm tone colored saddle pad. No matter what color you choose for your palomino, there is one that will always turn heads in the ring. Hunter Green is the way to go with a flashy palomino!


Similar to palomino’s, chestnuts need a warm-toned saddle pad color. Since this
color is in the middle of the range, you have quite a bit of freedom! If your
chestnut is lighter than most, you might want to stick to a darker color. If your
chestnut is darker than most, you might want to add a bright color that will pop!


As a bay horse rider and saddle pad enthusiast myself, I have found that there
are many colors that work well (and NOT so well) on bay horses. Depending on
how predominant the red is in your bay will impact which color suits your horse
best. The more red, the less red you will want in your color! So blood bay horse
owners: red may not be the best option!


Black horses are easy to find saddle pads for because practically every color looks great on them! Since black horses’ hair is so dark, a pop of color usually will turn heads rather than dark colors. Any pastel or neon color will do the trick! Though I enjoy many colors on black horses, a bright blue will always look the best on a black horse!

Neutral Color

If you are not a fan of bright colors on your horse, do not fear. There are still countless options for minimalistic equestrians. Black and white saddle pads can get boring after a while (and dirty). One way to spice up your tack is by adding a pop of color to the piping! Finding a neutral saddle pad with piping that matches your horse’s color will keep you looking sleek in the ring. For example, if you have a bay horse, adding red piping on a white saddle pad will keep it interesting and sleek. 

Summing it up

Finding the perfect color saddle pad for your horse is not the most stressful thing we have to do as equestrians. No matter the color, your horse will shine in the show ring! However, it is fun and exciting to know you and your horse will look good strutting into the arena. Find what fits you!

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