8 Best All Purpose English Saddle Pads For 2023

8 Best All Purpose Saddle Pads

Saddle pads are a necessity for horseback riding. No matter what discipline you ride, you will need a saddle pad. There are many types of saddle pads, so it may be difficult to find the perfect one for you. That’s why we are here to help you make the decision. We have reviewed the best all-purpose English saddle pads and our top pick is the Saxon Element Quilted AP Saddle

English Saddle Pad And Saddle

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What is a Saddle Pad

A saddle pad acts as a protective barrier between your horse and the saddle. Saddle pads are necessary no matter how well your saddle fits. Your saddle pad will offer protection against your horse’s hair and back and will also prevent rubbing and scratches on the bottom of your saddle.

Saddle pads come in many different colors, shapes, and styles. Whether you ride english or western, you will need a saddle pad. Western saddle pads are a lot thicker than English saddle pads. This is because western saddles have no padding underneath the saddle.

English saddles do have some padding built-in, however, you will still need a saddle pad. English and western saddle pads are not interchangeable. You will need to get the correct saddle pad for your discipline.

What Style of English Saddle Pad do I Need?

All-purpose English saddle pads are great because you can use them for nearly every discipline besides dressage. If you are a showjumper, eventer, hunter jumper, or just enjoy doing flatwork, then an all-purpose English saddle pad will probably work for you.

If you ride dressage, then an all-purpose saddle pad might not be the best option. Since dressage saddles have longer flaps than close contact saddles, you will need to find a saddle pad that is specifically built for dressage saddles. Luckily most saddle pads have a dressage option!

How to Use a Saddle Pad

When using a saddle pad, first make sure your horse is completely groomed. You want to place the front of your saddle pad on the horse’s withers with the remaining fabric going towards the horse’s hindquarters.

Make sure your horse’s entire back is protected from the saddle. If you choose to use a half pad, play set directly on top of your saddle pad. Attached the keepers to the Billet straps of your English saddle in order to prevent slipping.

Run the girth through the openings to make sure all your tack stays in place. After you are done using your saddle pad, place it upside down to dry the inside.

How To Put English Saddle Pad On Horse

How to Wash a Saddle Pad

Since saddle pads are placed on the horses back, they tend to build up dirt and sweat fast. In order to protect your saddle pads fabric, washing them is necessary. Start by taking a brush to the inside of your saddle pad and wipe away all the dirt and hair that is built up on the inside.

You can wash your saddle pad inside your washing machine on the low cycle. make sure you wash your pad on the low cycle to prevent tearing on your saddle pad. Try not to use your saddle pad until it is completely dry.

Does Color/Shape Matter?

If you are using your saddle pad for schooling and Recreational riding the color and shape does not matter whatsoever. You can choose whatever color and shape you would like to ride in.

Lighter colors look better on dark horses and dark colors look better on lighter horses. However, if you would like to show in your saddle pad, make sure your saddle pad is white. This gives a professional look and is desired and most riding disciplines when showing.

Our List of Best All Purpose English Saddle Pads

TuffRider Basic All Purpose Saddle Pad

The TuffRider Basic All Purpose Saddle Pad is an inexpensive option for new riders. This saddle pad comes in an arrangement of colors that will look great and flashy on all horses. Though this saddle pad looks great, there are some function issues that go along with the pad.

The saddle pad does not include keeper straps. This may result in the saddle pad slipping back during your ride. This saddle pad also is a bit larger than the average all-purpose saddle pad. I would recommend this saddle pad to someone with a larger horse who had an extremely well-fitted saddle.


  • Large arrangement of colors
  • Conventional look
  • Contoured back


  • No keeper straps
  • Abnormally large
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Derby Originals Extra Comfort All Purpose English Saddle Pad with Removable Memory Foam

The Derby Originals Extra Comfort All Purpose English Saddle Pad with Removable Memory Foam is a great alternative to using both a saddle pad and a half pad. The saddle pad comes with a built-in half pad. The built-in half pad is removable. This pads uniqueness can either be a great addition or a fault depending on what you are looking for.

Other than this saddle pad’s unique feature, it is quite an average saddle pad. It has a contoured back and comes with both keepers and a girth strap. I would recommend this saddle pad to someone who is looking for extra support in their saddle pad.


  • Built in half pad
  • Color options
  • Contoured back
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Removable half pad openings do not close
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Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad

The Back on Track All-purpose Saddle Pad is a great option for people who own or ride a horse that has a cold or sore back. This saddle pad comes with warmth reflectors that will help horses with sore muscles in their backs.

Other than this saddle pads unique feature, this saddle pad is fairly average. This saddle pad would be a great option for someone who has a horse that has muscle soreness.


  • Conventional look
  • Contoured back
  • Warmth reflection for sore backs


  • Expensive
  • Limited color options
  • Somewhat long
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Roma Circle Quilt Pads

The Roma Circle Quilt Saddle Pad is an awesome option if you love a little flare in your life. This pad has a twist on a conventional look and offers extra padding for your horse’s comfort. An arrangement of colors is offered, however, plain white is not an option. This saddle pad would be best suited for someone who enjoys a little color in their life and values their horses’ comfort.


  • Color options
  • High comfort for the horse
  • Conventional look


  • White is not an option
  • Somewhat expensive
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Equine Couture All Purpose Saddle Pad

The Equine Couture All Purpose Saddle Pad is the ultimate saddle pad! It offers an arrangement of colors and styles within a comfortable and conventional saddle pad. There are countless color options including multiple white pads for showing.

My only complaint with this saddle pad is that it does not have keepers to hold the saddle pad in place. I would recommend this saddle pad for anyone with a great fitted saddle.


  • Countless color options
  • Conventional look
  • Inexpensive
  • Contoured back


  • No keepers, might slip
  • Color is slightly different in person
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Weatherbeeta Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad

The Weatherbeeta Prime All Purpose Saddle Pad has a different look! This saddle pad seems to be more breathable than the average saddle pad. This saddle pad is slightly longer than the average, however, it will not accommodate a dressage saddle.

This saddle pad is also unique, as the keepers attach to the D-ring rather than the billets. This may affect the use of a breastplate or draw reins. I would recommend this saddle pad for someone who enjoys light riding and does not use a breastplate or draw reins.


  • Some color options
  • Unique look.
  • Breathable


  • Somewhat Expensive
  • Keepers attach to D-ring
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Saxon Element Quilted AP Saddle Pad

The Saxon Element Quilted AP saddle pad is a great option for someone looking for the average saddle pad. There are limited color options, however, the options that are available will work for everyday use.

A contoured back, keepers, and girth loops are all included in this saddle pad. This pad has a conventional look and average durability. I would recommend this saddle pad for anyone looking to add to their collection.


  • Conventional look
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Breathable


  • Limited color options
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Tough 1 EquiRoyal Square Quilted Cotton Comfort English Saddle Pad

The Tough 1 EquiRoyal Square Quilted Cotton Comfort English Saddle Pad is somewhat disappointing. This saddle pad is fairly thin and is shaped like a square. This saddle pad does not have a contoured back and the girth loops are in a strange place. This pad is somewhat breathable due to the thin fabric. I would recommend this saddle pad as an extra pad.


  • Color options
  • Inexpensive
  • Somewhat breathable


  • No back contour
  • Thin
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Our pick for the best all-purpose English saddle pad

It can be difficult to find the perfect saddle pad since they all look very similar. In my experience, I feel the Saxon Element Quilted AP Saddle Pad will be durable, comfortable, and look great on your equine friend.

This saddle pad pretty much has it all at a reasonable price. The keepers and girth loop will keep it in place your entire ride and the contoured back will ensure your horse’s comfort!

Our review of the 10 best fly sheets for horses

Best Fly Sheets For Horses

Summer is on the way, which means sun shirts, shows, and trail rides! Unfortunately, it also means gnats, mosquitoes, and flies. Protecting your horse from the summer bugs is important for your horse’s comfort. When fly spray just is not enough to protect your horse, it is time to invest in a flysheet. So the question you may be asking is what is the best fly sheets for horses?

In a hurry? Our reviews of each Flysheet will be under the table here:

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What is a fly sheet?

A flysheet is a protective covering that prevents bugs from landing on and biting your horse. Even though there are alternatives such as fly spray, purchasing a fly sheet will protect your horse more efficiently than the alternatives.

Sprays and other alternatives do not prevent bugs from landing and biting your horse, they just deter the bugs away from the odor. Investing in a fly sheet will provide a barrier between bugs and your horse’s skin, ensuring the protection and comfort of your horse. 

how to choose the best fly sheet?

Each horse is different, that is why it is important to find a fly sheet that is perfect for your horse. There are different shapes, materials, weights, and protection levels to consider. You need to determine your horse’s needs when looking at fly sheets.

If you have your horse in a warm and wet climate, you might want to get extra neck coverage. If your horse is pretty crazy in the paddock, you might be interested in a heavier, more durable sheet. It all depends on you and your horse’s needs when purchasing a flysheet. 

what are the benefits of a fly sheet?

Fly sheets have more benefits than one may think! Not only do they keep the bugs off your precious ponies, but some also offer UV protection. Many fly sheets also have fly repellent built-in and offer extra neck protection.

The best benefit of investing in a fly sheet rather than fly spray is how great it is at preventing diseases from bug bites. Since bugs are not able to get at your horse when they are wearing a sheet, it is less likely for them to contract any diseases that bugs can carry.

One of my favorite things about fly sheets is that they allow healing from previous bug bites. Nothing is worse than seeing bites all over your horse! Flea bitten greys are pretty, however, fly bitten greys are not so pretty!

how to fit a fly sheet

A crucial part to remember when purchasing a fly sheet for your horse is to get the correct size. There is a large range of horses all measuring different in shape and size. If a horse’s fly sheet is too large, it can be hazardous to the horse’s safety and may not offer complete protection! To measure your horse when fitting for a sheet:

  • Find a tape measure
  • Start at the base of the horse’s chest
  • Wrap the tape measure around the horse’s side
  • Place the tape measure around the horses hind-end
  • End the tape measure at the tail of the horse

The measurement should be done in inches. This measurement will be able to be converted to the flysheet size your horse will need. For reference, an average 15 hand horse will usually be between 71”-72”, and the sheet size will be 66”.

Material and durability

The largest factors to consider when investing in a fly sheet is material and durability. Each horse is different, therefore the tack and other equine items you use for your horse must work for them! Some things to think about when purchasing a fly sheet:

  • Grey horse who sunburns easily? Try UV protection.
  • Rough horse when turned out? Try a thicker material.
  • Horse that gets warm easily? Try a thinner material and light colors.
  • Worried about maximum protection? Try a fly mask and neck cover

Fly sheets are made to protect your horse and keep them comfortable! Make sure you are making the correct choice by following these tips:

How To Fit A Fly Sheet

add ons and extras

Sometimes, fly sheets just are not enough. They only cover a percentage of your horse’s body. Luckily, there are plenty of items you can find to help protect the rest of your horse. Fly masks are pretty common and will protect your horse’s face and ears from bugs.

There are also neck attachments that will help protect their neck and mane from getting bitten! Nothing is worse than losing a thick, beautiful mane to some pesky bugs! There are also tail covers and leg wraps as well!

cleaning and maintenance

Since fly sheets get dirty fast, it is important to clean them every once in a while to ensure they last a long time. The best way to wash a flysheet is to spray with a hose and let air dry. If you find that just water is not enough, you can soak the sheet in a tub with soap and water.

You can also use a washing machine, however, buckles could be a concern for your washing machine. No matter how you choose to wash your flysheet, always air dry your sheet! Putting a sheet in the dryer could damage or negatively affect your flysheet and can make it unusable.

best fly sheets for horses review

Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet

The Amigo Mio Combo Flysheet offers extra neck and tail protection with the sheet itself! This sheet is very breathable, which is good for horses that get warm easily. Because this sheet is lightweight, it could potentially tear if your horse gets rowdy in the paddock.

This sheet otherwise is well made and affordable. I would recommend this fly sheet for a horse that is careful in the pasture but also needs extra protection.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily!
  • Extra protection offered in neck and tail cover
  • Fairly durable for an average tempered horse
  • Affordable


  • No UV protection
  • Not incredibly durable, rough horse could tear it
  • One color option
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Kensington Platinum SureFit Fly Sheet

The Kensington Platinum SureFit Fly Sheet offers so much in a cute package! This fly sheet comes in many colors and sizes. This sheet also has UV protection, which is great to prevent sun bleaching and sunburns. The material on this sheet is thick, which is great for durability, however not so breathable. I would recommend this sheet for a horse who plays tough and needs even tougher protection.


  • Extremely durable, great for a playful horse
  • Has UV protection, will prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Comes in many colors!


  • Not breathable, may cause sweating
  • On the expensive side
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HILASON UV Protect Mesh Horse Fly Sheet

The Hilason UV Protect Mesh Horse Flysheet is a lightweight, breathable flysheet. This will prevent your horse from sweating in the hot summer sun. This fly sheet has built-in UV protection, which will also assist in protecting your horse from the sun’s rays. The sheet comes equipped with a belly cover and a neck cover.

Though this sheet is breathable and lightweight, it is not incredibly durable. I would recommend this fly sheet for a horse owner who is mostly concerned about protecting their horse from sunburn or sun bleaching.


  • Has UV protection, will prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Comes with neck cover and belly cover
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Not durable, might tear easily
  • Sizing is slightly off
  • Stitching is cheap
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TuffRider Mesh Fly Sheet

The TuffRider Mesh Fly Sheet is a breathable full coverage sheet with a sleek shine. This sheet also offers UV protection, however, there are higher UV protectant sheets on the market. It comes with a neck cover and has extra fabric to protect your horse’s belly.

This sheet is lightweight, making the fabric less durable. The mesh on this sheet is fairly thin and could tear in a short period of time. I would recommend this sheet as a back-up sheet or for a quiet horse that is careful out in the paddock.


  • Has UV protection, will help prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Extra coverage in belly area
  • Neck cover included
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • Not worth the price
  • Not durable, will tear easily
  • Thinner fit, will not fit on a thick horse well
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Bucas Zebra Fly Sheet

The Bucas Zebra Fly Sheet has quite a unique look! Do not be fooled by the pattern, it is not just for looks. This sheet’s exterior is made to prevent flies from even thinking about your horse. Though the exterior is great at preventing flies, the stitching and durability on this sheet is questionable.

The belly band is non-adjustable, which could cause your horse discomfort. The sheet is equipped with UV protection and neck protection. I would recommend this sheet for someone who’s main concern is preventing flies!


  • Unique fly preventing design
  • Has UV protection, will help prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Neck cover included
  • Lightweight


  • Stitching is somewhat questionable
  • Non-adjustable in the belly band
  • Expensive
  • Not durable, will tear easily
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Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield

The Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Flysheet is great if you are willing to pay a hefty price. This fly sheet is incredibly durable, however, it might cause your horse to sweat if you reside in a hot climate. This sheet also offers no UV protection, so it is not suggested if you worry about the sun on your horse.

It comes with a neck cover and belly cover. This sheet will keep even the nastiest flies off your horse. I would recommend this sheet to someone who is purely focused on preventing flies and is not super concerned about the sun.


  • Incredibly durable, will not tear
  • Neck cover included
  • Material is great for keeping bugs away
  • Breathable for a durable sheet


  • Expensive
  • No UV protection
  • Limited color options
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Saxon Mesh Fly Sheet

The Saxon Mesh Fly Sheet is a cute and comfortable option for your horse. This fly sheet comes in a few different patterns. Though there are different patterns and color options, it does not offer UV protection.

The material is thick which will add to the durability but will not help with breathability. This sheet would be a good option for someone who is not too concerned with the sun and sweat. I would recommend this sheet for a horse that likes to play in the paddock!


  • Extremely durable
  • Cute and fun patterns to choose from!
  • Neck and belly cover


  • No UV protection
  • Not breathable, may cause sweating
  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar sheets
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The Horseware Amigo Evolution Flysheet is the ultimate flysheet. It has every important factor included such as UV protection, neck, tail, and belly cover, and water-resistant all in a colorful package. Though this flysheet has it all, it comes at an expensive price.

This fly is extra durable, however, due to the thick fabric, it is not incredibly breathable. I would recommend this sheet to someone who is focused on the utmost protection of their horse.


  • Has UV protection, will prevent sunburn and bleaching
  • Neck and belly cover
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable, will not tear easily
  • Colorful pattern


  • Not incredibly breathable
  • Neck and belly cover are attached
  • Expensive
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The Shires Highlander Mesh Flysheet is the practical flysheet. It offers extra protection with an included neck cover and belly cover. This sheet offers no UV protection, which may be an issue for someone looking to protect their horse from the sun.

This sheet is breathable and lightweight with strong mesh to ensure durability. I would recommend this sheet to someone who is looking for a practical, long-lasting flysheet.


  • Practical look
  • Neck and belly cover
  • Breathable and durable


  • Limited color options
  • No UV protection protection
  • Expensive compared to similar fly sheets
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Which Flysheet Is the Best?

Though there are many options that are great to consider when investing in a fly sheet.. The flysheet that will protect even the nastiest of bugs is the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Ripshield Flysheet. This sheet offers practically everything you will need and then some.

Unless you are predominantly concerned about the sun, this sheet will do what you want it to do. It is durable, breathable, and will not let any bugs near your horse.


Do fly sheets really work?

Yes! If you choose a reliable fly sheet then it should keep the bugs of your horse!

Are Flysheets Weatherproof?

Most fly sheets are not waterproof, however, some fly sheets such as the Horseware Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet are water-resistant.

Do Horses get Hot in Fly Sheets?

It is not rare for a horse to get warm while wearing a fly sheet. If you are concerned about your horse’s temperature I would recommend a lightweight, lightly colored fly sheet.

Do Fly Sheets Keep Horses Cool?

Fly sheets usually do not keep horses cool, however if you invest in a breathable and lightweight fly sheet, it will not affect your horse’s temperature as much as a heavier fly sheet would.

Can You Ride A Horse With A Fly Sheet On?

I would not recommend riding a horse with a fly sheet on. Some fly sheets such as the Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor Flysheet is made specifically for riding in!

7 turnout sheets for horses – What To Know For 2023

Turnout Sheets For Horses

Just like people, horses need protection from outdoor weather. Since many
horses spend an abundance of time outside, it can be easy for them to get wet
from rain or muddy from rolling around. Turnout sheets for horses will help
protect your horses’ skin and coat from the outdoor climate.

Just take me to the reviews you ask? Our reviews of each will be under the table here:

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What Is a turnout sheet?

Turnout sheets are used for protecting your horse from wet and muddy weather.
Unlike blankets, turnout sheets do not provide warmth for your horse. They can
be used to protect your horse year-round, even in the hot summers!

For durability and comfort, most turnout sheets are made of a poly/cotton lining. This fabric is also water resistant which is great for keeping your horse dry. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to go on a relaxing ride around the arena only to find out my horse was soaking wet from the rain!

If you live in a wet climate please save yourself a lot of trouble and invest in a turnout sheet. This will save you a ton of time…and towels!

Horse sheets are waterproof or at the very least water-resistant. Don’t confuse rain sheets with turnout sheets though. Rain sheets are designed to not only cover the horse but also the tack while the horse is being ridden or otherwise supervised.

Different types of turnout sheets for horses

Though there are various forms of protective blankets for your horse. Each plays
a specific role in ensuring your horse’s comfort!

In contrast to turnout sheets, stable sheets are used to protect your horse when they are hanging out in their stall. They are not waterproof and are normally used to protect your horse’s coat from dust and dirt.

Unlike turnout and stable sheets, turnout blankets are used to protect your horse from the cold. Blankets are quite a bit heavier and are filled with wool or synthetic fleece to ensure your horse is warm in the sleet, snow!

What to look for in a turnout sheet

Most turnout sheets look similar. That is why it is important to always read into
what each sheet offers.

Some of them offer a better fit for a horse with broad shoulders. Some are able to conform to horses with low backs. The best way to find the perfect turnout sheet is to know your horse.

It is not the best idea to find a sheet that would best fit a high-withered, tall thoroughbred if you are riding a downhill quarterhorse. Some turnout sheets offer neck protection as well.

If you live in a cool, wet climate, it might help your horse to keep warm outside. However, if you live in a warmer climate and rarely see rain then neck protection may not be as important.

how to fit a turnout sheet

The most difficult part when purchasing a turnout sheet for your horse is sizing. There is a large range of horses all measuring different in shape and size. If a turnout sheet is too large it can be hazardous to the horse’s safety!

To measure your horse when fitting for a sheet:

  • Find a tape measure
  • Start at the base of the horses chest
  • Wrap the tape measure around the horses side
  • Place the tape measure around the horses hind end
  • End the tape at the tail of the horse

The measurement should be done in inches. You can then convert the inches to the sheet size you horse will need. Most sheet manufactures will have a sizing chart to help in the conversion.

For reference an average 15 hand horse will usually be between 71″-72″ and the sheet size will be 66″. I’ve included a short videos below demonstrating how to fit a horse sheet.

How To Measure A Horse For A Horse Sheet Or Blanket

Comfort and durability

I have seen plenty of turnout sheets that are durable. Thanks to my mouthy thoroughbred I have also seen many sheets that have me less than impressed as they have more or less disintegrated while being used.

A perfect turnout sheet should be able to offer your horse protection, comfort, and durability. Ensuring your horses comfort with a sheet usually centers around the fit. Many turnout sheets are adjustable while some are made specifically for horses with different conformations. I have always needed to purchase the most durable sheets for my horses. (Again, thanks to my frisky thoroughbred!)

If you have a horse who likes to chew on sheets, chase other horses constantly and throw their legs in ways they should not go, then you might be just like me! This type of behavior makes it imperative in finding a sheet that offers the most durable design and materials. Now, if you have a calmer and relaxed (or at lease normal) horse, then durability might not be your biggest priority.

Why turnout sheets are important

Turnout sheets may not provide warmth during the Winter months they will protect your horse from some of the elements. Even if it’s quite warm outside, rain can make your horse incredibly cold.

It’s important not to use a blanket in warmer weather for protection. Blankets are specifically made to keep your horse warm. Having a blanket on in warm or hot weather is just like throwing on a Winter sweater on on a hot July day. You and your horse will get dangerously overheated.

Turnout sheets will keep your horse dry and warm from the rain and offer protection from the mud and dirt which helps in keeping the coat shiny and soft.

We review 7 horse turnout sheets

TGW RIDING 1200Denier Turnout Sheet

The TGW Turnout Sheet offers a lightweight turnout sheet in a range colors. This sheet has added wither comfort which is great for horses who have sensitive withers.

The straps on this sheet are adjustable which will provide added comfort and fit for your horse. The sheet’s exterior is incredibly durable which is great for rougher horses. Though the exterior is quite tough, the straps seem to fall apart easily. If your horse tends to chew/play with strings or straps be wary of this sheet.

Being naturally contoured and breathable makes this sheet great for ensuring the comfort of your horse. I would recommend this sheet for a horse that needs extra durability and enjoys being comfortable in the paddock.


  • Lightweight, easy to put on and take off
  • Wither fleece, adds comfort for your horse
  • Adjustable straps, provides perfect fit
  • Durable exterior, will keep your horse dry!
  • Natural contour, will fit to an average horses build
  • Breathable, will not overheat your horse


  • No neck protection
  • Flimsy straps, could break easy
  • Will not fit a straight-backed horse
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Horseware Amigo Hero Ripstop Sheet

The Horseware Amigo Sheet is the epitome of your average turnout sheet. This sheet has an average amount of external durability, average horse fit, and average buckles. This might be a good choice for you if you have an average horse.

If you are looking to protect your horse from rain and mud this would be the perfect sheet for you. However, if your horse enjoys chewing or rubbing on the fence, this sheet might not be the best choice. I would recommend this sheet for an average and calm horse.


  • Will fit the average horse
  • Looks great on all color horses!
  • Front leg arches, added comfort when moving around


  • No neck protection
  • Not incredibly durable
  • Not lightweight, will be more difficult to get on and off
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Tough-1 320D Rain Sheet

The Tough-1 Rain Sheet has one stand out feature which is the a neck cover. The neck cover will add to protection to your horse from the outdoor elements they run into. Other than this feature the sheet is very normal.

The durability of is low with this sheet. The exterior may fall apart fairly easy. The Velcro also is pretty weak. Rain and mud will negatively impact the Velcro even further. This might lead to the sheet being unusable.

The Tough-1 has a naturally contoured back which is great for most horses! I would recommend this sheet for a horse that is very calm and pastured alone or as a backup to your normal sheet.


  • Neck cover, adding protection
  • Naturally contoured back, great for most horses
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Lightweight, easy to get on and off


  • Low durability, will fall apart fast
  • Velcro is cheap, will stop sticking fast
  • Overall low quality
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ComFiTec Essential Turnout Sheet

The ComFitec Sheet is practically perfect! I have used this sheet for a while and it’s incredibly durable and fits great on almost all horses. This sheet offers many great attributes. It’s breathable, adjustable, lightweight, and looks great on every horse color.

The only issue I see with this sheet is the fact it doesn’t have a neck cover. This can cause issues if you are looking to protect your horses neck from the rain obviously. I would recommend this sheet for someone who appreciates quality and wants a comfortable and durable turnout sheet for their horse.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable, will last a long time
  • Adjustable, will fit comfortably for every horse
  • Lightweight, easy to get on and off the horse
  • Looks great on all horse colors!


  • No neck cover
  • Somewhat expensive
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Horze Avalanche Turnout Sheet

The Horze Avalanche Sheet has a great fit and great look. This sheet offers a highly durable exterior. This sheet is a bit on the heavier side which can make it difficult to put on and take off your horse.

The sheet will keep your horse dry without overheating and the sizing is adjustable keeping your horse comfortable and dry. The high neck on this sheet is great for added protection. I would recommend this sheet for a horse with an outdoor board in a cool and wet climate.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable will last a long time
  • Adjustable will fit comfortably on every horse
  • The high neck offers added protection against wet climate
  • Fun pattern!


  • Heavier than the average turnout sheet
  • Expensive compared to other turnout sheets
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Saxon 1200D Standard Neck Lightweight Turnout Sheet

The Saxon Standard Neck Sheet offers a large range of sizing. This sheet has great durability and is breathable which will keep your horse safe and comfortable. This sheet does offer some wither protection which can add comfort for your horse when rolling.

The Saxon has adjustable straps and falls into the slightly expensive range. I would recommend this sheet for someone who wants a durable sheet with many options and whose primary concern is not price.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable, will last a long time
  • Adjustable, will fit comfortably on every horse
  • Wither fleece, adds comfort


  • Runs small, sizing correctly will be difficult
  • Expensive, not affordable for the quality
  • No neck cover
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Horze Nevada 1200D Lite Turnout Sheet

The Horze Nevada Sheet has a great look and design. Though the look is very nice, the durability and water resistance of this sheet is questionable. Water tends to soak through and under the sheet quickly resulting in a cold and wet horse.

Being lightweight it is easy to put on and take off your horse. Being breathable alleviates the horse from getting too sweaty. There are some questionably low straps that could be dangerous to the horse and result in injury. i would recommend this sheet as a back up at best, unfortunately.


  • Nice design
  • Lightweight, easy to take on and off
  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily


  • Not waterproof, will not keep horse dry
  • Low straps, could become a safety hazard
  • Expensive compared to other turnout sheets
  • No neck cover
  • Cheap Velcro
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Which Turnout Sheet Would We choose?

There are plenty of turnout sheets for horses out there than look the same, so finding the right one for your horse can be difficult. Think about what is best for your horse. If your horse gets chilly from rain easily then a sheet with a neck cover would be best.

However, if your horse enjoys some rough playtime in the paddock then an extra durable sheet is obviously your best option.

We chose the ComFiTec Essential Turnout Sheet as our pick of the litter. If you are looking for an all-around durable and comfortable sheet for your horse then this sheet is for you. The ComFitec offers everything your horse needs at an affordable price. The sheet will last quite a long time and looks great on every horse. This is the sheet I’m currently using and I love it!

Turnout Sheet Accessories

Having a sheet won’t do any good if it gets beat up or dirty. Here are a few accessory ideas we use to keep our turnout sheets in good condition for as long as possible.

Blanket Racks

Horse Sheet Cleaning Supplies & Storage

Best 6 Western Saddle Pads for Horse And Rider

Saddle and Saddle pad

Saddle pads are the cushions that you lay between a horse’s back and the saddle. The padding helps to guard the horse against aggressive friction from the seat and similarly shields the saddle from the horse’s excessive perspiration. Western saddle pads are all about comfort, support, and the prevention of the slippage due to the sweat on the horse’s back. The following is a summary of the best western saddle pads including the materials, features, and design needed to foster the best protection for your horse and saddle.

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How to Choose a Western Saddle Pad?

Don’t mistake a saddle pad for a mere piece of cloth that shields the saddle from the sweaty animal. For a long time, I ignored the benefits of having a quality saddle pad for my filly, not knowing that this cushioning also impact saddle fit and comfort. That was a long time of pressure and pain for my animal and lackluster performance for me. With time I realized the error in my ways. Acquiring the right saddle pads made me a happy horse owner.

From my experience, finding the right saddle pad involves:

  • Choosing the pad right size. Consider a size that fits well on your saddle
  • Choosing the right material keeping in mind breathability, durability, and ease of cleaning
  • Finding the right shape saddle pad taking into consideration the contours of your horses back
  • Evaluating other factors including price, comfort, and aesthetics

What Size Saddle Pad Do I Need?

As a horse owner buying a saddle pad for the first time or as a replacement, the first thing to always consider is size. Unlike English saddle pads, which are one-size-fits-all, Western saddle pads vary in skirt size.

The median size for a western saddle pad is 30 inches by 30 inches when stretched out. The distance from the center to the bottom edge is about 15 inches, while the spine area is 30 inches. Sizing the right saddle takes some trial and error. Smaller riders should generally try the 30 sq. inch pads while a larger rider should consider 32 sq. inch saddle pads.

For smaller ponies, get a saddle that fits first, then use the saddle size as your guide for deciding the pad size. Typically, smaller horse saddle pads measure 20 x 20 inches.

What Shape Saddle Pad Should I choose?

Apart from square saddle cushions, which are the most common, there are also round, cut-out, and contoured pads that you might want to consider.

In terms of price, though, square and rectangular pads are the most affordable. They are also ideal for horses with low average withers. Horse withers are the long vertebrae between the shoulder blades of the animal that support his neck and head and is the saddle bearing area.

Round pads are the same size as square pads, except that they have rounded corners. These pads are ideal for horses with short backs and low average withers. The edges of a square pad often tend to rub short backed horses on their hindquarters and may lead to irritation and soreness over time. Similarly, to attain the right fit, you might want to match round skirted saddles with round pads.

For a horse with high withers, go for cut-outs. Even though high withers improve a horse’s performance because they make them better able to lengthen their strides, they are a saddling nightmare. Traditional saddles and pads put a lot of pressure on the animal’s back, leading to an uncomfortable ride. In that case, consider a cut-out padding. These pads have an opening so that your horse’s withers come out through the notch.

High withers are a problem for thoroughbred owners mostly but can also be a problem in warmbloods and saddlebreds.

What Materials are best in a Western Saddle Pad?

The saddle pad material determines how effective it will be in wicking away moisture and helping to achieve support and balance. Most western saddle pads are made of fleece. The latter is a material that’s more effective at aeration. Consider a fleece pad with leather edging to prevent wear.

Neoprene is another favorite material. It is rubber-like and has an excellent shock-absorbing design. It’s weaving promotes aeration to keep the horse cooler. Compared to other saddle pad materials, neoprene pads are the easiest to clean—you can just hose it down.

If you go for a foam pad, find one that’s breathable to save your animal from the excessive heat. Foam saddle pads may be ideal if you work the horse very hard in sports. Open-cell foam is better for the saddle padding function. Other materials with average performance include wool and cotton.

How Thick Should a Western Saddle Pad Be?

Western saddle pads are thicker than English pads. Research shows that thicker pads function better to shield your horse’s back from the pressure coming from the saddle. As mentioned before, for riders that work the horse quite hard beneath the seat, a thicker pad is a no brainer.

Now to specifics, 1 1/8″ thick pads are ideal for calf roping, team roping, and other performance activities. Heavier riders that saddle for long periods should use 1″ thick pads. Activities include ranch work, roping, and colt starting.

On the lower side of the thickness spectrum, 7/8″ pads would be preferable for regular activities, including trail riding and barrel racing, provided the gear and rider weight don’t exceed 200 pounds. Smaller pads are for daily training sessions and can be used in combination with a thin saddle blanket.

When deciding a western saddle pad thickness, consider:

  • The duration of your riding sessions; longer rides need thicker pads
  • Load and weight(rider plus gear); if the total weight exceeds 200 lbs, consider a thicker pad
  • The riding terrain; it’s hard work for the animal going uphill and carrying you, choose a thicker pad

How to Clean a Saddle Pad?

Durability is enhanced substantially when you take better care of your saddle pad. Proper cleaning will help keep that pad in shape for the weary load it carries every day. Do you want your saddle pad to provide the best comfort and protection for you and the horse?

Brush With A Curry Comb:
Just as you groom your horse using a curry, you can use the same circular motions to remove dirt and hair from the saddle pad.

Shaking off your saddle pad to remove the dirt is not enough. After a good deal of use dust and microbes seep deep into the fabric. Therefore, you should give the pad a thorough vacuuming to suck out all the things lodged in the fibers. If left in there, these nasty things will degrade your saddle pad.

Hose It Down:
Water shouldn’t be a problem for your saddle pad provided the material can handle it and you let it dry thoroughly after the cleaning. You can use spray or pressure wash for this. This spraying should not be straight down on the material. This will force dirt further into the fabric. When spraying, hold the pad at an angle that allows dirt to be pushed out towards the edges.

For wool saddle pads soak in cold water. Don’t use soaps because wool can retain the soap inside the fibers. Best to soak in cold water for at least an hour and then let dry completely. Never put a wool saddle pad in a washing machine.

Machine Wash:
Most saddle pads, other than wool, are machine washable on a gentle cycle. Use cold water and tumble dry at low heat. To much heat can cause the material to shrink and curl up. Don’t hang your pad using clips to dry as the weight of the wet pad will distort the shape.

The best Western saddle pads we reviewed

ECP Western Saddle Pad

The ECP Western Saddle Pad could be a decent choice for those seeking
a solid pad with some contour correction features.

This is a 31″x16″ saddle pad size. These dimensions make it a good choice for smaller horses with a smaller rider. Unfortunately, this excludes larger animals and riders.

According to the manufacturer, this saddle pad model uses shock-absorbing memory material that helps protect the animals back. A little research shows that memory foam is indeed a solid material when it comes to impact absorption in cushioning. Using this pad on your horse can go a long way in keeping your horse safe and comfy on trail rides and in barrel racing.

The foam material used in this pad is very soft and breathable. This means you’ll get good moisture-wicking ability.

This pad may not be ideal for high withered horses. It does not feature the qualifying notch or opening for the higher withers to pass through. What it might be ideal for are short backed horses. The rounded edges are smooth so your horse may not have the irritation of rubbing of its hindquarters.

The manufacturer has layered the pad with memory foam lining. Memory foam, just like the foam in our mattresses and pillows helps to contour the whole saddle pad to the shape of the horses back. Seeing that withers do change (when muscles become bigger and stronger) this is a rather thoughtful inclusion.


  • Rounded Pad for short backed horses
  • An excellent shock-absorbing cushioning material
  • Memory foam to conform to the horse’s shape


  • Don’t expect this pad to work well for high withered horses
  • The stitching between the pad’s layering can be suspect
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Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad

Next up our review is the Diamond Wool Contour Felt Ranch Pad. It’s a simple saddle pad for those working on a smaller budget that like a breathable pad at a nice price.

The Diamond Wool Pad is a 32″x32″ 1-inch thick pad suitable for average exertion including roping and colt training.

The pad uses thick wool felt for cushioning. Wool pads provide a very good degree of shock absorption. I love the materials’ ability to reduce and neutralize pressure when pushing the physical limits of the horse.

Compared to other saddle pad materials, wool scores highly on breathability. Note however that wool tends to trap air between the fibers. This may lead to trapping heat and may not be the best choice in hot conditions.

This pad has a contoured spine that has a wither relief notch and is reinforced with distressed leather. This is a good pad for trail riding in rough terrain and is long-lasting during heaver work.


  • Wither Relief Features
  • Full-size pad of 32×32 and 1 inch thick
  • Wool minimizes the risk of slippage
  • Attractive price


  • Wool has it’s limitations in ease of cleaning
  • Wool can gather more dirt and dust and can hold a smell
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Weaver Leather Contoured Wool Blend Felt Saddle Pad

Another budget option for a western saddle pad is the Weaver Leather Contoured Pad. It costs just a few dollars more than the Montana model. The biggest highlight is it’s contoured for improved fit.

Fleece wool is used for this saddle pad. Please note that fleece is not the same as wool. Fleece is synthetic and although wool-like, it offers better performance and aeration. Fleece saddle pads are generally lighter.

Although fleece doesn’t perform like foam in this department, it offers some degree of shock absorption. This might not be the pad for you if you are into aggressive riding.

The fleece on this product may perform better at moisture-wicking than the Montana saddle pad.

This Weaver pad is 32″x16″ and 1-inch thick. This makes it suitable for average riding and working activities. It’s a rectangular-shaped pad.


  • Easy to clean
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Contoured design for horses with swayback


  • Not ideal for high withered horses
  • Not as much shock absorption as wool
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The Montana 100% Extra Fine Wool Saddle Pad

The Montana Extra Fine Wool Saddle Pad is the costliest model of the reviews so far. This product may be the right option for those willing to spend more for a feature-packed saddle pad

The lining of the Montana Pad is pure wool. Non-blended wool has many merits including durability, soft texture, and shock absorption.

You can expect some nice cushioning with this pad given its material makeup. Pure wool fibers are sturdy and compact and can stand up to the weight of a rider and gear.

The aeration ability of pure wool is extremely good. Also, this pad uses a patented cooling technology that they say should help with improved breathability and heat disbursement.

This is a 32″x32″ pad and ranges from 3/4 to 1 inch thick. This pad is suitable for mature horses with large riders. The pad is also slightly contoured and can be used for horses with a swayback.


  • Improved cooling technology
  • High Withered design
  • Wool Material is soft and breathable
  • Contoured to horse
  • Very good shock absorption


  • Not ideal for extra long drops
  • Not geared for high withered horses
  • Cleaning of this pad will not be easy
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Classic Equine BioFit Wool Felt Saddle Pad

The Classic Biofit Fleece Pad is a fleece saddle pad that can be ideal for routine activities like trail riding. The highlights of this pad include a contoured design and cut out for high withers.

Just like the Weaver Leather Contoured Pad, the Classic pad uses a wool and fleece blend. Specifically, the manufacturer speaks of pure virgin wool that performs better at moisture wicking.

This quality of wool is stronger and more naturally breathable. So, in terms of performance, you should expect this pad to outshine the Weaver and similar models.

Shock Absorption:
Like you would expect in any wool saddle pad, the cushioning of this pad is very good. The manufacturer calls this ann orthopedic grade saddle pad. The design of this pad offers comfort and pressure dissipation.

The thickness of this pad ranges from 3/4 to 1 inch and measure 32″x31 and weighs around 9lbs.


  • Contoured pad
  • High withered design
  • Virgin wool for excellent texture and moisture dispersion


  • The extra buildup can shift the saddle too far back
  • A little bit pricey for those on a budget
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Tough 1 Square Saddle Pad/Fleece Bottom

The Tough 1 Square Saddle Pad carries the title of being the most affordable of all the pads in our review. This would be a great choice for those with smaller horses on a tighter budget.

Fleece is the material used by the Tough 1 Pad. Fleece is primarily blended wool and has sturdier fibers. This means the Tough 1 can offer your horse the right kind of comfort during hard rides making you and the horse quite happy.

Fleece is breathable and soft on the inside. This is a good low-cost way to keep your horse comfortable and safe.

The Tough 1 measures 20″x12″ at about 1 inch thick. This pad is ideal for smaller horses.


  • Fleece lining for good padding
  • Breathable
  • Sized for smaller horses
  • Thicker for hard riding
  • Low cost


  • Not good for larger horses
  • No contouring or cutouts for high wither horses or swaybacks
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Our Best Pick

The Montana 100% Extra Fine Wool Saddle Pad by Southwestern stands out from the other pads in our review. The wool material is soft textured and effective at shock absorption. Pure wool happens to be more robust than synthetics and offers improved protection for your horse.

The moisture-wicking ability of this product is also excellent. The pads 32″x32″ size makes it suitable for mature horses with larger riders. The other compelling features include a contoured design for swaybacks and a cut-out feature for high withered horses making this the best choice in our opinion.

What Is the Best Cribbing Collar for Your Horse?

Horse Cribbing A Fence

Cribbing is the functionless wind sucking behavior of horses. Some horses crib by biting on a hard object such as a fence post and swallowing a large amount of air. The behavior is associated with gasping sounds and grunting noises. The cribbing habit in horses is addictive and can be hard to stop unless you are equipped with the best cribbing collar.

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Why Is Your Horse Cribbing?

Horses crib for a variety of reasons, including intestinal stress, boredom, or as an indication of lack of exercise. Cribbing collars are a reactive solution to the problem. To prevent your animal from picking up this behavior in the first place, it would help to identify the causative factor and implement accurate corrective measures.

It can be easy to confuse cribbing with wood chewing. The latter is harmless, with the horse often nibbling on trees and wooden posts. Cribbing, on the other hand, generates pressure in the animal’s digestive tract and leads to colic conditions. Cribbing also drags down a horse’s performance and leads to severe flatulence that inhibits their appetite.

How Can Cribbing Collars Help?

My racehorse was a longtime cribber, a behavior that I inadvertently let get out of hand. I tried several techniques; including changing diet and wearing him out with exercise, but the habitual cribber didn’t show signs of quitting. I always regarded cribbing collars as an extreme measure, but to let him crib would have been risking his health.

Cribbing collars can be unimaginably uncomfortable for horses. I learned that the hard way as I tried several options to find the best fit. Cribbing being a risk for colic (sometimes severe forms of colic that need surgery) requires immediate intervention. You will need to find the best cribbing collars that are not only comfortable and safe on the animal but also function as expected.

Best Cribbing Collar

These neck and head straps help to keep the horse from flexing the neck in a cribbing fashion. He can feed and drink but not suck air into his windpipe. The devices use a metal piece that closes around the throat-latch. The leather strap pokes the pony whenever he tries to flex his neck.

The ideal cribbing collar should fit snugly around the horse’s neck and behind his jaw. The belt should be wide enough to stop the animal from flexing. Other factors to consider in a cribbing collar model include ease of fitting and removal from the animal, slip-resistance, and the leather’s durability.

These neck and head straps help to keep the horse from flexing the neck in a cribbing fashion. He can feed and drink but not suck air into his windpipe. The devices use a metal piece that closes around the throat latch. The leather strap pokes the pony whenever he tries to flex his neck.

The Best Cribbing Collars On the Market

Professional’s Choice the Dare Cribbing Collar

The manufacturer describes it as a 3-dimensional throat piece that supposedly works for all types of cribbers. This contraption uses a 1 3/4″ wide strap that could allow easy positioning without being too tight. It also features stainless steel roller buckles that might help to keep the collar in place for aggressive cribbers.

I particularly like the durable leather material used. It can remain sturdy for many years and function optimally without excessive tightening. That can translate to minimal rubbing and sores, and the humanely comfortable experience that an owner would want for their horse.

Beware, though, that the collar loosens when the horse drops its head to eat. The Dare Cribbing collar might, therefore, not work as expected if yours is a low cribber.

Other things to watch out for include the paddock mates chewing on the neck strap. With its hanging straps, other horses might mistake it for a chew toy. With their tagging and chewing, the contraption will probably overstretch and fail to work as expected.


  • Fits snugly without rubbing the horse raw
  • Sturdy leather helps with durability
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Might not work for horses that crib on top boards
  • Encourages chewing and stretching by paddock-mates
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Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar

The Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare is another notable cribbing collar in the market. It comes with a supposedly new throat design that the maker says helps to keep it in place. Unlike the Dare Professional Choice collar, this model is larger with dimensions of 1 7/8 inches x 30 inches, which allows for more adjustments.

The collar uses a single strap that can fit snuggly without the uncomfortable rubbing. Like the Dare Professional Choice collar, this gizmo features sturdy leather as well. Its maker has described the leather as ‘Western design and heavily built.’ It could thus be ideal if you are looking for a long-lasting solution.

There is a fluffy part for the headpiece that might make the wearing the collar a less painful experience for your mare. It makes the neckpiece a little softer, unlike many models that might cause sores.

Regarding functionality, its strap and buckle could help to prevent the horse from sucking wind, but every horse reacts differently to these things. Unlike the Dare Professional Choice’s 3D design, this contraption has a likelihood of falling out of place I’m thinking.


  • It is made of sturdy leather
  • A fluffy headpiece helps to make the collar comfy for your horse
  • It fits without being too tight


  • The band regularly bends
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Tough-1 Crib Be Gone, Leather Collar

The cribbing collar design features traps that fit around the jaw and across the forehead. Thus, unlike the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar, Crib Be Gone could stay in place for longer and help to successfully stop cribbing.

The manufacturer asserts that the collar only applies pressure when the animal starts to crib. It can be worn all day, they say, without affecting grazing and drinking. These features and functionalities are standard to every other crib collar, but the leather is soft and can thus help to prevent sores.

One issue you might have to put up with is the throat piece positioning. It doesn’t go all the way to the front, causing the leather to bend. In that posture, your horsey will still crib even with the neck-piece on.

Unlike the Professional’s Choice the Dare Cribbing Collar, putting this contraption on the horse and taking it off might not be a smooth process. You would need to shove the metal piece to prevent bending, and that could spook the animal.


  • Sturdy leather material
  • Soft leather design helps to prevent sores


  • The leather tends to bend and loosen
  • Not easy to put it on or take it off
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Weaver Leather Miracle Collar in Display Box

Similarly to the earlier reviewed models, the Weaver Leather Miracle Collar in Display Box boasts of a soft and durable leather harness that could be gentle on your animal. The collar is designed to apply pressure only when the animal starts cribbing.

Its unique shape, the manufacturer says, is designed to be anatomically fit. That implies that this contraption could fit snugly without slipping or causing sores where it sits. You also get three size options, allowing you to find a size that works well for your horse.

The neck strap helps to keep the collar in place, while an adjustable browband across the forehead applies pressure to stop cribbing. Beware, however, that the browband strap tends to slip and slide over the ears. The whole contraption loosens in the process enabling the animal to crib.


  • Soft and sturdy leather strap
  • Designed for the horse’s anatomy


  • Tends to slip off
  • The throat latch isn’t large enough; the horse may still crib even when strapped
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Tough 1 Synthetic Poly Crib Be Gone Comfort Collar

The Tough 1 Synthetic Poly Crib Be Gone Comfort Collar is designed to fit a horse’s anatomy, according to the product specs. It has a strap for the neck region and one across the forehead to keep the collar firmly in place.

The cribbing device applies pressure when the horse opens its mouth to the crib, but the animal may be able to comfortably eat and drink even with the harness fastened.

The collar leather material is said to be nice and soft, which could be a welcome advantage, especially if your horse has a history of soring under cribbing collars. The inside of the leather features some slight padding to help achieve a cozy experience for your horse. The only major let down here is that the leather tends to reap at the seams, rendering it functionless.


  • Soft leather
  • Designed for the horse’s natural body shape


  • It needs tightening to stay in place for low cribbers
  • Not as durable as the other reviewed models
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Our Choice As Best Cribbing Collar

The Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar stands out from the other reviewed products. It features a horse-friendly design that could also help to keep it in place during the animal’s movements. It’s larger dimensions allow for several adjustments to find a secure fit without having to acquire multiple pieces of the same collar.

The collar fits snuggly with its single strap helping to minimize rubbing. Its leather material is heavily built and sturdy. The cribbing harness might, therefore, serve you for long without giving way to wear and tear.

Another advantage of the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar is its fluffy headpiece. The latter is a thoughtful inclusion, one would say, given the many models in the market that cause terrible sores on a horse’s neck. These features and more make the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar a recommendable buy for your cribber.

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