7 turnout sheets for horses – What To Know For 2023

Just like people, horses need protection from outdoor weather. Since many
horses spend an abundance of time outside, it can be easy for them to get wet
from rain or muddy from rolling around. Turnout sheets for horses will help
protect your horses’ skin and coat from the outdoor climate.

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What Is a turnout sheet?

Turnout sheets are used for protecting your horse from wet and muddy weather.
Unlike blankets, turnout sheets do not provide warmth for your horse. They can
be used to protect your horse year-round, even in the hot summers!

For durability and comfort, most turnout sheets are made of a poly/cotton lining. This fabric is also water resistant which is great for keeping your horse dry. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to go on a relaxing ride around the arena only to find out my horse was soaking wet from the rain!

If you live in a wet climate please save yourself a lot of trouble and invest in a turnout sheet. This will save you a ton of time…and towels!

Horse sheets are waterproof or at the very least water-resistant. Don’t confuse rain sheets with turnout sheets though. Rain sheets are designed to not only cover the horse but also the tack while the horse is being ridden or otherwise supervised.

Different types of turnout sheets for horses

Though there are various forms of protective blankets for your horse. Each plays
a specific role in ensuring your horse’s comfort!

In contrast to turnout sheets, stable sheets are used to protect your horse when they are hanging out in their stall. They are not waterproof and are normally used to protect your horse’s coat from dust and dirt.

Unlike turnout and stable sheets, turnout blankets are used to protect your horse from the cold. Blankets are quite a bit heavier and are filled with wool or synthetic fleece to ensure your horse is warm in the sleet, snow!

What to look for in a turnout sheet

Most turnout sheets look similar. That is why it is important to always read into
what each sheet offers.

Some of them offer a better fit for a horse with broad shoulders. Some are able to conform to horses with low backs. The best way to find the perfect turnout sheet is to know your horse.

It is not the best idea to find a sheet that would best fit a high-withered, tall thoroughbred if you are riding a downhill quarterhorse. Some turnout sheets offer neck protection as well.

If you live in a cool, wet climate, it might help your horse to keep warm outside. However, if you live in a warmer climate and rarely see rain then neck protection may not be as important.

how to fit a turnout sheet

The most difficult part when purchasing a turnout sheet for your horse is sizing. There is a large range of horses all measuring different in shape and size. If a turnout sheet is too large it can be hazardous to the horse’s safety!

To measure your horse when fitting for a sheet:

  • Find a tape measure
  • Start at the base of the horses chest
  • Wrap the tape measure around the horses side
  • Place the tape measure around the horses hind end
  • End the tape at the tail of the horse

The measurement should be done in inches. You can then convert the inches to the sheet size you horse will need. Most sheet manufactures will have a sizing chart to help in the conversion.

For reference an average 15 hand horse will usually be between 71″-72″ and the sheet size will be 66″. I’ve included a short videos below demonstrating how to fit a horse sheet.

How To Measure A Horse For A Horse Sheet Or Blanket

Comfort and durability

I have seen plenty of turnout sheets that are durable. Thanks to my mouthy thoroughbred I have also seen many sheets that have me less than impressed as they have more or less disintegrated while being used.

A perfect turnout sheet should be able to offer your horse protection, comfort, and durability. Ensuring your horses comfort with a sheet usually centers around the fit. Many turnout sheets are adjustable while some are made specifically for horses with different conformations. I have always needed to purchase the most durable sheets for my horses. (Again, thanks to my frisky thoroughbred!)

If you have a horse who likes to chew on sheets, chase other horses constantly and throw their legs in ways they should not go, then you might be just like me! This type of behavior makes it imperative in finding a sheet that offers the most durable design and materials. Now, if you have a calmer and relaxed (or at lease normal) horse, then durability might not be your biggest priority.

Why turnout sheets are important

Turnout sheets may not provide warmth during the Winter months they will protect your horse from some of the elements. Even if it’s quite warm outside, rain can make your horse incredibly cold.

It’s important not to use a blanket in warmer weather for protection. Blankets are specifically made to keep your horse warm. Having a blanket on in warm or hot weather is just like throwing on a Winter sweater on on a hot July day. You and your horse will get dangerously overheated.

Turnout sheets will keep your horse dry and warm from the rain and offer protection from the mud and dirt which helps in keeping the coat shiny and soft.

We review 7 horse turnout sheets

TGW RIDING 1200Denier Turnout Sheet

The TGW Turnout Sheet offers a lightweight turnout sheet in a range colors. This sheet has added wither comfort which is great for horses who have sensitive withers.

The straps on this sheet are adjustable which will provide added comfort and fit for your horse. The sheet’s exterior is incredibly durable which is great for rougher horses. Though the exterior is quite tough, the straps seem to fall apart easily. If your horse tends to chew/play with strings or straps be wary of this sheet.

Being naturally contoured and breathable makes this sheet great for ensuring the comfort of your horse. I would recommend this sheet for a horse that needs extra durability and enjoys being comfortable in the paddock.


  • Lightweight, easy to put on and take off
  • Wither fleece, adds comfort for your horse
  • Adjustable straps, provides perfect fit
  • Durable exterior, will keep your horse dry!
  • Natural contour, will fit to an average horses build
  • Breathable, will not overheat your horse


  • No neck protection
  • Flimsy straps, could break easy
  • Will not fit a straight-backed horse
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Horseware Amigo Hero Ripstop Sheet

The Horseware Amigo Sheet is the epitome of your average turnout sheet. This sheet has an average amount of external durability, average horse fit, and average buckles. This might be a good choice for you if you have an average horse.

If you are looking to protect your horse from rain and mud this would be the perfect sheet for you. However, if your horse enjoys chewing or rubbing on the fence, this sheet might not be the best choice. I would recommend this sheet for an average and calm horse.


  • Will fit the average horse
  • Looks great on all color horses!
  • Front leg arches, added comfort when moving around


  • No neck protection
  • Not incredibly durable
  • Not lightweight, will be more difficult to get on and off
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Tough-1 320D Rain Sheet

The Tough-1 Rain Sheet has one stand out feature which is the a neck cover. The neck cover will add to protection to your horse from the outdoor elements they run into. Other than this feature the sheet is very normal.

The durability of is low with this sheet. The exterior may fall apart fairly easy. The Velcro also is pretty weak. Rain and mud will negatively impact the Velcro even further. This might lead to the sheet being unusable.

The Tough-1 has a naturally contoured back which is great for most horses! I would recommend this sheet for a horse that is very calm and pastured alone or as a backup to your normal sheet.


  • Neck cover, adding protection
  • Naturally contoured back, great for most horses
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Lightweight, easy to get on and off


  • Low durability, will fall apart fast
  • Velcro is cheap, will stop sticking fast
  • Overall low quality
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ComFiTec Essential Turnout Sheet

The ComFitec Sheet is practically perfect! I have used this sheet for a while and it’s incredibly durable and fits great on almost all horses. This sheet offers many great attributes. It’s breathable, adjustable, lightweight, and looks great on every horse color.

The only issue I see with this sheet is the fact it doesn’t have a neck cover. This can cause issues if you are looking to protect your horses neck from the rain obviously. I would recommend this sheet for someone who appreciates quality and wants a comfortable and durable turnout sheet for their horse.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable, will last a long time
  • Adjustable, will fit comfortably for every horse
  • Lightweight, easy to get on and off the horse
  • Looks great on all horse colors!


  • No neck cover
  • Somewhat expensive
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Horze Avalanche Turnout Sheet

The Horze Avalanche Sheet has a great fit and great look. This sheet offers a highly durable exterior. This sheet is a bit on the heavier side which can make it difficult to put on and take off your horse.

The sheet will keep your horse dry without overheating and the sizing is adjustable keeping your horse comfortable and dry. The high neck on this sheet is great for added protection. I would recommend this sheet for a horse with an outdoor board in a cool and wet climate.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable will last a long time
  • Adjustable will fit comfortably on every horse
  • The high neck offers added protection against wet climate
  • Fun pattern!


  • Heavier than the average turnout sheet
  • Expensive compared to other turnout sheets
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Saxon 1200D Standard Neck Lightweight Turnout Sheet

The Saxon Standard Neck Sheet offers a large range of sizing. This sheet has great durability and is breathable which will keep your horse safe and comfortable. This sheet does offer some wither protection which can add comfort for your horse when rolling.

The Saxon has adjustable straps and falls into the slightly expensive range. I would recommend this sheet for someone who wants a durable sheet with many options and whose primary concern is not price.


  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily
  • Durable, will last a long time
  • Adjustable, will fit comfortably on every horse
  • Wither fleece, adds comfort


  • Runs small, sizing correctly will be difficult
  • Expensive, not affordable for the quality
  • No neck cover
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Horze Nevada 1200D Lite Turnout Sheet

The Horze Nevada Sheet has a great look and design. Though the look is very nice, the durability and water resistance of this sheet is questionable. Water tends to soak through and under the sheet quickly resulting in a cold and wet horse.

Being lightweight it is easy to put on and take off your horse. Being breathable alleviates the horse from getting too sweaty. There are some questionably low straps that could be dangerous to the horse and result in injury. i would recommend this sheet as a back up at best, unfortunately.


  • Nice design
  • Lightweight, easy to take on and off
  • Breathable, great for horses who get warm easily


  • Not waterproof, will not keep horse dry
  • Low straps, could become a safety hazard
  • Expensive compared to other turnout sheets
  • No neck cover
  • Cheap Velcro
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Which Turnout Sheet Would We choose?

There are plenty of turnout sheets for horses out there than look the same, so finding the right one for your horse can be difficult. Think about what is best for your horse. If your horse gets chilly from rain easily then a sheet with a neck cover would be best.

However, if your horse enjoys some rough playtime in the paddock then an extra durable sheet is obviously your best option.

We chose the ComFiTec Essential Turnout Sheet as our pick of the litter. If you are looking for an all-around durable and comfortable sheet for your horse then this sheet is for you. The ComFitec offers everything your horse needs at an affordable price. The sheet will last quite a long time and looks great on every horse. This is the sheet I’m currently using and I love it!

Turnout Sheet Accessories

Having a sheet won’t do any good if it gets beat up or dirty. Here are a few accessory ideas we use to keep our turnout sheets in good condition for as long as possible.

Blanket Racks

Horse Sheet Cleaning Supplies & Storage

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