What Is the Best Cribbing Collar for Your Horse?

Cribbing is the functionless wind sucking behavior of horses. Some horses crib by biting on a hard object such as a fence post and swallowing a large amount of air. The behavior is associated with gasping sounds and grunting noises. The cribbing habit in horses is addictive and can be hard to stop unless you are equipped with the best cribbing collar.

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Why Is Your Horse Cribbing?

Horses crib for a variety of reasons, including intestinal stress, boredom, or as an indication of lack of exercise. Cribbing collars are a reactive solution to the problem. To prevent your animal from picking up this behavior in the first place, it would help to identify the causative factor and implement accurate corrective measures.

It can be easy to confuse cribbing with wood chewing. The latter is harmless, with the horse often nibbling on trees and wooden posts. Cribbing, on the other hand, generates pressure in the animal’s digestive tract and leads to colic conditions. Cribbing also drags down a horse’s performance and leads to severe flatulence that inhibits their appetite.

How Can Cribbing Collars Help?

My racehorse was a longtime cribber, a behavior that I inadvertently let get out of hand. I tried several techniques; including changing diet and wearing him out with exercise, but the habitual cribber didn’t show signs of quitting. I always regarded cribbing collars as an extreme measure, but to let him crib would have been risking his health.

Cribbing collars can be unimaginably uncomfortable for horses. I learned that the hard way as I tried several options to find the best fit. Cribbing being a risk for colic (sometimes severe forms of colic that need surgery) requires immediate intervention. You will need to find the best cribbing collars that are not only comfortable and safe on the animal but also function as expected.

Best Cribbing Collar

These neck and head straps help to keep the horse from flexing the neck in a cribbing fashion. He can feed and drink but not suck air into his windpipe. The devices use a metal piece that closes around the throat-latch. The leather strap pokes the pony whenever he tries to flex his neck.

The ideal cribbing collar should fit snugly around the horse’s neck and behind his jaw. The belt should be wide enough to stop the animal from flexing. Other factors to consider in a cribbing collar model include ease of fitting and removal from the animal, slip-resistance, and the leather’s durability.

These neck and head straps help to keep the horse from flexing the neck in a cribbing fashion. He can feed and drink but not suck air into his windpipe. The devices use a metal piece that closes around the throat latch. The leather strap pokes the pony whenever he tries to flex his neck.

The Best Cribbing Collars On the Market

Professional’s Choice the Dare Cribbing Collar

The manufacturer describes it as a 3-dimensional throat piece that supposedly works for all types of cribbers. This contraption uses a 1 3/4″ wide strap that could allow easy positioning without being too tight. It also features stainless steel roller buckles that might help to keep the collar in place for aggressive cribbers.

I particularly like the durable leather material used. It can remain sturdy for many years and function optimally without excessive tightening. That can translate to minimal rubbing and sores, and the humanely comfortable experience that an owner would want for their horse.

Beware, though, that the collar loosens when the horse drops its head to eat. The Dare Cribbing collar might, therefore, not work as expected if yours is a low cribber.

Other things to watch out for include the paddock mates chewing on the neck strap. With its hanging straps, other horses might mistake it for a chew toy. With their tagging and chewing, the contraption will probably overstretch and fail to work as expected.


  • Fits snugly without rubbing the horse raw
  • Sturdy leather helps with durability
  • Easy to put on and take off


  • Might not work for horses that crib on top boards
  • Encourages chewing and stretching by paddock-mates
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Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar

The Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare is another notable cribbing collar in the market. It comes with a supposedly new throat design that the maker says helps to keep it in place. Unlike the Dare Professional Choice collar, this model is larger with dimensions of 1 7/8 inches x 30 inches, which allows for more adjustments.

The collar uses a single strap that can fit snuggly without the uncomfortable rubbing. Like the Dare Professional Choice collar, this gizmo features sturdy leather as well. Its maker has described the leather as ‘Western design and heavily built.’ It could thus be ideal if you are looking for a long-lasting solution.

There is a fluffy part for the headpiece that might make the wearing the collar a less painful experience for your mare. It makes the neckpiece a little softer, unlike many models that might cause sores.

Regarding functionality, its strap and buckle could help to prevent the horse from sucking wind, but every horse reacts differently to these things. Unlike the Dare Professional Choice’s 3D design, this contraption has a likelihood of falling out of place I’m thinking.


  • It is made of sturdy leather
  • A fluffy headpiece helps to make the collar comfy for your horse
  • It fits without being too tight


  • The band regularly bends
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Tough-1 Crib Be Gone, Leather Collar

The cribbing collar design features traps that fit around the jaw and across the forehead. Thus, unlike the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar, Crib Be Gone could stay in place for longer and help to successfully stop cribbing.

The manufacturer asserts that the collar only applies pressure when the animal starts to crib. It can be worn all day, they say, without affecting grazing and drinking. These features and functionalities are standard to every other crib collar, but the leather is soft and can thus help to prevent sores.

One issue you might have to put up with is the throat piece positioning. It doesn’t go all the way to the front, causing the leather to bend. In that posture, your horsey will still crib even with the neck-piece on.

Unlike the Professional’s Choice the Dare Cribbing Collar, putting this contraption on the horse and taking it off might not be a smooth process. You would need to shove the metal piece to prevent bending, and that could spook the animal.


  • Sturdy leather material
  • Soft leather design helps to prevent sores


  • The leather tends to bend and loosen
  • Not easy to put it on or take it off
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Weaver Leather Miracle Collar in Display Box

Similarly to the earlier reviewed models, the Weaver Leather Miracle Collar in Display Box boasts of a soft and durable leather harness that could be gentle on your animal. The collar is designed to apply pressure only when the animal starts cribbing.

Its unique shape, the manufacturer says, is designed to be anatomically fit. That implies that this contraption could fit snugly without slipping or causing sores where it sits. You also get three size options, allowing you to find a size that works well for your horse.

The neck strap helps to keep the collar in place, while an adjustable browband across the forehead applies pressure to stop cribbing. Beware, however, that the browband strap tends to slip and slide over the ears. The whole contraption loosens in the process enabling the animal to crib.


  • Soft and sturdy leather strap
  • Designed for the horse’s anatomy


  • Tends to slip off
  • The throat latch isn’t large enough; the horse may still crib even when strapped
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Tough 1 Synthetic Poly Crib Be Gone Comfort Collar

The Tough 1 Synthetic Poly Crib Be Gone Comfort Collar is designed to fit a horse’s anatomy, according to the product specs. It has a strap for the neck region and one across the forehead to keep the collar firmly in place.

The cribbing device applies pressure when the horse opens its mouth to the crib, but the animal may be able to comfortably eat and drink even with the harness fastened.

The collar leather material is said to be nice and soft, which could be a welcome advantage, especially if your horse has a history of soring under cribbing collars. The inside of the leather features some slight padding to help achieve a cozy experience for your horse. The only major let down here is that the leather tends to reap at the seams, rendering it functionless.


  • Soft leather
  • Designed for the horse’s natural body shape


  • It needs tightening to stay in place for low cribbers
  • Not as durable as the other reviewed models
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Our Choice As Best Cribbing Collar

The Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar stands out from the other reviewed products. It features a horse-friendly design that could also help to keep it in place during the animal’s movements. It’s larger dimensions allow for several adjustments to find a secure fit without having to acquire multiple pieces of the same collar.

The collar fits snuggly with its single strap helping to minimize rubbing. Its leather material is heavily built and sturdy. The cribbing harness might, therefore, serve you for long without giving way to wear and tear.

Another advantage of the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar is its fluffy headpiece. The latter is a thoughtful inclusion, one would say, given the many models in the market that cause terrible sores on a horse’s neck. These features and more make the Schutz Brothers Rusty Dare Cribbing Collar a recommendable buy for your cribber.

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