Best Western Riding Chaps – Our 6 Pack For 2023

Are you a great fan of horse riding? Then you are aware of how stressful it gets trying to find the best western riding chaps to put on. To avoid this, we have put together a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting cowboy chaps.

Ranging from how to select them, there are various advantages and disadvantages of each design. The end game of western chaps is to protect your legs and body from hazards when riding. You also want to look good in the process.

If you are in a hurry here is our quick list of the chaps we will be reviewing. Our reviews of each will be under the table here:

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Have questions about cowboy chaps?

  • What type of chaps fits your riding style? Depending on your riding style, you can determine the chaps that will be most comfortable, for example, racers wear thin chaps that do not restrict movement and ranchers wear chaps that are made from strong leather or cowhide that will not tear easily.
  • How to measure western chaps? To measure western chaps, you first lay them on a flat surface on the same position they would be in while you are wearing them. Your waist size will be the length from the tongue of the buckle to the hole that you use when wearing. Your thigh size will be twice the length from the inside of the leather at the seam to the crotch. Your knee size will be double the length of the leg portion where your knee bends.
  • How to fit western riding chaps? Custom made as the tailor will take your measurements. But if you are on a budget, you can buy off the rack, just be sure to make sure you try them on to see if they fit. If you are buying online, make sure you get both your hip size and leg length right.
  • How long should western chaps be? The length of Western riding chaps depends on the style of chaps. Some stop just above your boot while others reach below. Chinks stop two to three inches below your knee.
  • How do you wear chaps when riding? Half chaps are worn on the lower leg while the other full chaps and chinks are either worn as your normal pants or have a zipper on either leg.
  • How to clean riding chaps? The method you use to clean your cowboy chap depends on the fabric. If they are made of suede, you can softly brush them to remove any dirt in the fabric. If they are made of leather, You can place hot water and detergent in your washer, add the chaps and let them agitate for a few minutes to ensure they are as clean as possible. Rinse them with cold water.

Factors to consider when buying chaps

There are several things that you should consider when buying a cowboy chap to ensure you get chaps that are strong and durable. They include;

  • The type of fabric used to design the chap. Fabrics that are made from strong leather are durable during adverse weather conditions. Split leather in my own opinion lasts longer.
  • The design on the fabric. This is important if you want to look stylish and keep up with fashion trends.
  • Size of the chap. You should consider the size of the cowboy chap that you intend to buy and ensure that it fits you well.
  • You should always ensure that you buy from a reputable dealer.
  • Quality of the chap. A good chap should last for a very long time.
  • The price of the product should be proportional to the quality, thus you should be prepared to spend time on research before spending money to buy. They might be a bit costly, but I assure you they are worth every penny.
  • The craftsmanship of your chap should be splendid to enhance visual flare.

Custom made chaps are also manufactured but this will cost a bit more compared to the regular ones. You should always choose the most comfortable pair of chaps. Adding embellishments to your chap makes it unique and stylish.

Why wear Cowboy chaps at All?

  1. It protects you from rope burns that might occur from handling different types of livestock if you are a rancher.
  2. protects you from cuts and bruises around the legs that occur from riding through dense vegetation such as scrub, cactus or thickets.
  3. Putting on chaps when riding your horse makes you look great. They create a smooth, sleek, uninterrupted silhouette.

Chaps are manufactured from leather. Their make is such that they do not have a crotch or a seat. They are buckled with their inbuilt belt along the rider’s wast around the hips below the belt. Most chaps are made from cowhide that has been dyed and tanned to give them a sticky effect on your horse’s saddle. There are certain types of chaps that are made of wool. You’ll need to decide what material is the best for you.

Styles of western chaps

  • Short gun They are by far the simplest design with straight and narrow legs. Modern chaps are unique in the fact that they have full-length zippers that run along the outside of each leg.
  • Chinks – They are generally short and stop just a few inches below the knee and are fringed along the outside edge thus making them appear longer and more appealing. Each leg has just two fasteners around the thigh region.
  • Batwing – This type of chaps are generally made from leather, cut wide with a bottom flare that kind of resembles a bat’s wing.
  • Zammoros – Like the batwing chaps, the zammoros have a bottom flare. The differentiating factor is that these chaps have a triangular shape and run below your boot.
  • Woollies – They are made from cowhide, at times angora and lined with canvas on the inside. This is the warmest type of chaps and is best worn in the northern plains and mountains.
  • Farrier’s apron – The distinguishing factor about this chaps is that they lack a fringe.
  • Armitas – They have short legs that are completely closed. You have to put them on like your usual everyday pants. They stop just above your boot.

Having used a variety of chaps over the years, we will try to provide you our unbiased list that we feel will fit many styles of riding and offer you great feel at an affordable price.

Our 6-pack of best western chaps

Weaver Leather Pull-Up Fashion Chinks with Floral Yoke

This is a classy chap design with heavy-duty performance. It contains that broken-in look and a few designs added to facilitate freedom of movement. It has an aesthetic look.


  • Made from high-quality leather that will not bruise easily.
  • They are gorgeous and have a creative design


  • They are a bit expensive, but worth it, I would say.
  • The front leather tie string is too small and may easily break if caught strongly.
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Weaver Leather Chinks with Basketweave Yoke Set

These chinks have a vintage design, that allows you to wear them and take them off easily. They have ties on both chinks with stainless steel conchos. Due to their resilience, they are worn for everyday ranch work.


  • They offer complete freedom within your legs.
  • These chinks offer enough protection without adding a great amount of weight that makes you uncomfortable.
  • The look stunning
  • They are not costly
  • They are no heavy and can be used comfortably during Summer


  • They are very thin and would tear easily if exposed to ranch work.
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Weaver Leather Brown Shotgun Full Grain Leather Work Riding Chaps

These types of chaps are small, brown leather chaps, with full zippers on both legs. They are reinforced with a buckle at the back and a front tie to keep the chap in place.


  • The Brown tanned leather is of high quality
  • They have a distinct manly look


  • Might tear easily if subjected to hard ranch work
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Weaver Leather Pull-Up Leather Work Chinks

They are designed with chrome tanned leather. They are fitted with stainless steel conchos, on the upper left for attachment of ropes( get down ropes). They use heavy-duty leather with a waxed finish.


  • They can withstand the heaviest brush as they are made from strong leather.


  • These chaps are heavy and might prove uncomfortable during summer.
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Tough 1 Premium Smooth Leather Chinks with Basketweave Filigree

This champ design has smooth leather with a cowhide yoke that has a star-shaped filigree. Star-shaped conchos make enhance the make the chaps stunning. They are fitted with three buckle closure attachments on each leg.


  • Great quality which makes for a durable chap
  • The leather is soft and comfortable


  • The only bad thing about these chaps is their color, according to me 🙂
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Tough-1 Suede Leather Chinks with Basket Stamp Yoke

This champ has an adjustable tie at the back and buckles at the front. It has thee buckle straps on each thigh and three conchos.


  • Great quality and durability
  • Very affordable on a budget


  • Budget model
  • Doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the other cowboy chaps
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Summing it all up

The decision on what type and design of chaps you want rest entirely on you. From my experience, I would recommend the Weaver Leather Brown Shotgun Full-grain leather work riding chaps as they fit all my needs as a rider. They are my personal favorite, I dare say my signature chaps

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