26 super cool Halloween horse costumes

With the weather getting colder and leaves falling, we thought it would be fun to toss up a post filled with cool Halloween horse costumes to make you smile or give you some ideas for dressing up yourself and your horse.

Fun and Entertaining Halloween Horse Costumes

Here we have a high-flying Ice Angel

Flying Ice Angel - Halloween Horse Costumes

I”m not really sure what this rider is supposed to be, but the blue is a nice touch 🙂

Blue Girl and Horse Flickr 2
Courtesy Flickr

I feel she belongs to shovel leaners union 226

Construction Worker Horse Costume
Courtesy Horse And Man

Here we have the cow jumping over the moon.

Cow Jumping over Moon Horse rider awesomelycute
Courtesy Awesomely Cute

The force is strong with this one

Darth Vader Pinterest
Courtesy Pinterest

With her trusty steed sheera is ready to save the world!

Gladiator Girl horsenation
Courtesy Horse Nation

Mean green carries our princess over the hurdles.

Green Horse Pink Wicked Spurs
Courtesy Pretty In Pink Wicked In Spurs Tumblr

Trick Or Treat!

Halloween Candy costume Barnmice
Courtesy Barn Mice

Strange that he doesn’t quite look like Olaf.

Horsecrazygirls Theme From Frozen
Courtesy Horse Crazy Girls

Might that be a Woolly Mammoth? Sure, seems legit.

Courtesy Horse Fancy Dress

Here we have another Ice Angel

Ice Angel Flickr
Courtesy Flickr

Nothing like the old ball and chain.

Jailbird Horse Rider Pinterest acollinslegal
Courtesy Pinterest

Rock and roll all night and party every day!!

Kiss Horse Costume Works
Courtesy Costume Works

Ok, the picture is kind of small, but I thought it was funny so I included it.

Mini horse fish Wacky horse costumes

Appears to be a needle in a haystack.

Needle In Haystack Buzzfeed
Courtesy Pinterest Buzzfeed

Hey look it’s Picachu 🙂

Picachu Horse and rider Maneentail
Courtesy Mane N Tail Equine

Hey, let’s play a game of Twister :-))

Pocadot Horse and rider Braymere
Courtesy Braymere

Taking from rich to give to the poor.

Robin Hood Horse and Rider Deavita
Courtesy Deavita

You’ll never go near the water again.

Shark Horse Horsenation
Courtesy Horse Nation

I thought this ghost rider costume was really cool for both horse and rider.

Skeleton Horse and Rider Youtube
Courtesy Bubbly Gum Youtube

Here is another cool shot of a ghost rider.

Skeleton Horse Jumping Horseandhound
Courtesy Horse And Hound

For those of you with an arachnophobia issue…..hehe

Spooky spider Horse Horsenetwork
Courtesy Horse Network

I’ll take mine with extra cream please…

Starbucks Horse Britco
Courtesy Brit+Co

Princess Leia Needs a shave I think.

Starwars Kids Cowgirl Magazine
Courtesy Cowgirl Magazine

Now here is a scary one all right!

Zombie horse and rider sheknows
Courtesy She Knows

Of course this one required. Rocking horse…..duh…

Rocking Horse
Courtesy Christine Kleidon Photography

Little Bo Peep was just to cute not to include in this list.

Little Bo Peep
Courtesy Pinterest

We hope these images made you smile. Should you have some cool Halloween horse costumes you would like to have posted please send them to us and we will post them and give you credit of course.

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